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Australian Tour Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets Now Avaliable at The Free Riding Online Store All Lessons must be booked online, Night Show tickets are avaliable online and at the front gate

Extreme Cross Country with Alycia Burton

Alycia Burton Free Riding at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. 3* & 4* Cross Country, Thankyou so much to Sydney International Equestrian Center- This was an amazing opportunity to be allowed on your course. And a special thankyou to the wonderful and talented Stephen Mowbray who took all of the action photos. Check out some more talented work on his Facebook page-Stephen Mowbray Photography. It is one thing to do this in a saddle and bridle... and another completely with no gear.... I love my horse!


Classic Goldrush was bred in the rodeo at the top of New Zealand and grew up on very steep hill country. Goldrush was quite difficult to handle and was gelded young because of this. He was briefly broken in as a 4 year old and then left untouched until he was 7 when I got asked to sell him on behalf of

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Alycia Burton

Alycia Burton is an expert when spotting potential in the horses she takes on. She has an uncanny ability to see what others don’t or can’t. Horses that have been thrown away, beaten, broken and abused arrive on her property.

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Australia Tour 2016

Everything you need to know about Alycia Tour to Austrailer. She will be holding events and training sessions. DVD and T shirt sales at the events, Photos and signing avaliable with Alycia & goldrush. Get your tickets Now

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See 100 of photos from Alycia Burtons Freeriding Adventures

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Watch Alycia Burton Freeriding around New Zealand. DVD preview and the orginal Freeriding video

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3rd Degree - Good Morning - Seven Sharp

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