Classic Goldrush was bred in the rodeo at the top of New Zealand and grew up on very steep hill country. Goldrush was quite difficult to handle and was gelded young because of this. He was briefly broken in as a 4 year old and then left untouched until he was 7 when I got asked to sell him on behalf of

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Alycia Burton is an expert when spotting potential in the horses she takes on. She has an uncanny ability to see what others don’t or can’t. Horses that have been thrown away, beaten, broken and abused arrive on her property.

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This Stallion is the latest edition to Classic Performance Horses Ltd. He has superb breeding, colouring and a temperament to match. He has just been broken in bareback and has already started Free Riding. This Stallion will match the ability of Goldrush.

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Alycia Burton Classic Goldrush

The much anticipated Free Riding NZ DVD is finally here!!! This DVD shows how Free Riding came about, has a whole lot of never before seen extreme jumping and a full instructional segment that teaches you how to Free Ride on your own horse! This is cheaper then the price of a lesson and has well over 1hour of footage and easy to follow tutorials. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it!

Check out Free Riding NZ’s product Range.

DVD’s - Rein’s - Girth’s - T shirts - Sturrip Leathers - Posters - Calanders

Media & Interviews

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3rd Degree - Good Morning - Seven Sharp

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Image Gallery

See 100 of photos from Alycia Burtons Freeriding Adventures

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Watch Alycia Burton Freeriding around New Zealand. DVD preview and the orginal Freeriding video

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Latest News From Alycia


Qualified Horse and Rider Chiropractor Dr Jake is coming to Christchurch early July...........Yahoo!

He is offering a great discounted rate of only $65
He is truly well worth getting- the results I have had on over 30 horses over the years have been amazing!
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Goats in Onesie pyjamas!
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The only thing cuter than baby goats playing? Baby goats playing in pyjamas!

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Colleen VirgilioCute critters!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Laura MoyHoooo 😍😍😍3 weeks ago   ·  1
Pris GormleyLittle kids are so agile. I could watch them for hours. They love to jump on and off anything available.4 weeks ago
Yvonne ChapmanSo very cute :-)4 weeks ago
Diane BujoldOk, that's just too adorable for words! Cuteness OVERLOAD! :)4 weeks ago
Erin Joy MacDonaldSo cute4 weeks ago
Inger Gravgaard ChristensenDe er mega nusser❤️ til næste sommer skal vi også have sådan et par stykker 😜🐝3 weeks ago
Martine Marin PatrasMon dieu qu'elles sont belles!!! Mais c'est Non....4 weeks ago
Virginie Basset Martinça me donne une idée !!4 weeks ago
Hayleigh Aurora MitchellSoo adorable :34 weeks ago   ·  1
Helena HughesJamie loook :') baby goats in pyjama onesies!!4 weeks ago   ·  1
María LópezMe encantan!!!2 weeks ago
Pia DakicSonja Messing goootttt sind die süß2 weeks ago
Sanne Westphal😂😂😂4 weeks ago
Renča Sodomková:34 weeks ago
Eva van GiesselEvelien Tobben hahahaha, onesie queen!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Jumeirah WhittleAbbi Lowery Goats in onsies!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Gioia Maxime OberhollenzerJorn Verhoof i want a goat4 weeks ago
Inès GmlClara on en a tenu des bébés comme ça *o* <34 weeks ago   ·  1
Nadine FrankScho Kii Angelina Dominiak Mandy Naujoks süüüüüüüüüß4 weeks ago   ·  3
Lisa ThonemannTeresa Lara Julia Sandra4 weeks ago   ·  3
Charlotte ArmstrongJo Spiewak how cute is this?!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Léa TseKelian Quentin Mati Nicolas Elle sont trop choutes :34 weeks ago   ·  2

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Horse Addicted
I just HAD to share this- it has really made my day... SO CUTE! :)
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CUtest ever

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Esther FryerBobby loooves it said its the most beautiful horse ever!1 month ago   ·  1
Jan ClareySo so cute!!! I love it!!! Want it!🐴🐴🐴1 month ago
Mariola Rycerska...where is the another horse? :(1 month ago
Sharon SchreinerWindy ;)1 month ago   ·  3
Emmanuelle CarreSi cute 😘❤❤1 month ago
Tania HopkinsJust adorable1 month ago
Helen ThropToo cute1 month ago
Lisa MouttyVoll siiiiies 😄1 month ago
Erfaneh Hajjarmanesh🌹🌹🌷🌷😘😘1 month ago
Julie WorkJust trop mignon1 month ago
Véronique M-fIs it a real horse or a new cat ? xD1 month ago
Renča Sodomkováňuník :31 month ago
Quirine Q de Kokfoal needs another foal and more space for play and run1 month ago
Brodie BoticaEilish Gardner this is so adorable1 month ago   ·  1
Alisse Dababnehhi1 month ago
Felicie MarieAlida Patterson Franka Elisabeth this is the cutest thing I've seen all day2 weeks ago   ·  2
Danny MaMicha, Susi, Anna und Regina... habeb will !!!!1 month ago   ·  3
Cyrille PerrinLaura Govaert regarde moi cet amour.. <31 month ago   ·  1
Yoni FlamingIllya de Smet haha zie klein duimpje doen 😂😍💕1 month ago   ·  1
Lara HailsJoshua Taylor look how cute it is!1 month ago   ·  1
Helena PotetMady je veux ça 😍😍😍1 month ago   ·  1
Rosalina KannegaardSascha Lydeking Jeg vil ha'!😱😍1 month ago   ·  1
Hazel HoneyGavin Coetzee, Alexis Beynon, Nikita Wang Look at the cuteness!!!!1 month ago   ·  1

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Brrrr we are defiantly heading into winter here in New Zealand!! I am jealous of everyone on the other side of the world who are coming into beautiful warm weather.

Did anyone else have ice layers on their water troughs this morning?
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Liane CrutchleyYep and the hoses outside were froZen... Good wee frost in Palmerston Alycia :-)1 month ago   ·  1
Ari McDonellsending you sunny hot days from surrey, bc canada. been in the high 20's here. been absolutely gorgeous weather wise. pretty well no spring. just summer early. I can't complain :)1 month ago   ·  1
Tamar TerryVrrrr. Cold in Auckland too. Heavy rain and a high of 14 degrees C. Next 5 days are all a high of only 14 and 15. Winter is definitely here! :S1 month ago
Brodie BoticaYep we had ice in our water troughs1 month ago
Vicky GoodyYou should come over to the UK whilst the sun is shining and do some clinics beautiful weather in Devon at the mo :)1 month ago
Sofie Nikoline BergmannCold, rainy and snow in the mountains. Northwest in Norway 😊1 month ago
Deb FichtlNo it was raining hard in the Waikato1 month ago
Leslie Sarah-Jane Curranit is suppose to be spring here.. however! we have a frost warning currently lol not fair at all!1 month ago
Elisabeth Bakken ÅsenAlmost summer😂1 month ago
Anthea BurtonNo way. You had shift back to the winterless north1 month ago
Mawa Keïtabjr saxa ,jai votre photo.1 month ago

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