SIGNATURE FOR PHOTOS-pink outline clear middle [320x200]Alycia Burton is an expert when spotting potential in the horses she takes on. She has an uncanny ability to see what others don’t or can’t. Horses that have been thrown away, beaten, broken and abused arrive on her property. Horses that have had their spirits crushed, who have hurt themselves or hurt their trainers now stand as a testimony of her long hours, care and attention invested into rehabilitating them.

From a Facebook photo on her profile page, Alycia’s rise to fame started out by accident and took her by surprise. That small photo of her FREE JUMPING led her to make a small video to show her sceptics that the photo was legitimate and not photo shopped; it was just her and her horse playing around in the paddock. Now with over two million views on her videos and over three million on her YouTube channel, what started out as playing around in the paddock has gained her international attention, as people sit captivated, watching her FREE RIDE.

Born in 1988 and raised in the picturesque far north region of Doubtless Bay, on New Zealand’s East Coast, Alycia hasn’t always had her hands full rehabilitating dangerous horses. Although horses have always been a major part of her life, Alycia started out on a typical Kiwi rural farm, with 3 older brothers and hard working parents.

At 15 years old, a high school drop out with no qualifications, she found the one job available in her small town and started her working career. Alycia then set out on a journey that lead her to Auckland and saw her working her way up the corporate ladder. Through hard work and a dedication to succeed, Alycia now holds a long term lease on a 20 acre property in Karaka, the heart of horse racing and training in Auckland. This property now enables her to take horses that have been labelled ‘useless’ right back to basics, and through a re-breaking in process, she is able to turn them into trained athletes, thriving in her care.

But of all the horses Alycia has owned, there is one in particular that stands out and holds the key to her heart, Banjo. Banjo (also known as Gold rush) is right beside her, on her path to success. When watching Alycia and Banjo jumping together, it is evident these two are in perfect sync with each other, knowing each other’s moves and sensing the next step. There is nothing more amazing than watching a rider, who loves her horse and a horse, completely committed to its rider; that is the connection you see when you watch them together.

Alycia’s FREE RIDING is unique, she does not follow any current method of training and she learnt most of what she knows from her horses. In the documentary, people are given the opportunity to see firsthand how something so dangerous, so new and so inspirational can be possible. See for yourself, the extremely high level of trust between the rider and her horse and learn the ins and outs of how to do it for yourself. With stunning New Zealand scenery as a backdrop, this DVD combines extreme sport with beauty and passion.

 Alycia Burton is a FREE RIDER, and this is her story…..