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Alycia Burton is touring around Australia during 2016/2017 with her famous horse Goldrush

Every weekend Alycia is in a new location giving ShowJumping lessons and a night performance where she rides Classic Goldrush.

Alycia is famous for Free Riding but her main job is teaching riders, breaking in & re-breaking dangerous horses, training jumpers and performing.

Alycia is excellent with difficult horses having had more than 250 off the track and gives very easy to follow methods that work and make sense


Do you have a horse that stops, runs out, is slow/lazy, is too hot/forward, knocks rails or lacks confidence?

Do you struggle with confidence, have no ‘bond’, struggle with your position or from falling off?

Come see Alycia and she will explain WHY and HOW to fix it

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DATE - Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of November

SATURDAY LESSONS - Barton Equestrian Center

SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW - 7pm start Barton Equestrian Center

SUNDAY LESSONS - Barton Equestrian center

VENUE - Barton Equestrian Center


No refunds but lessons may be transferred to someone else

Do you want to host lessons/camps or school visits in your area with Alycia Burton?

Requirement's for Australia

  • You need a minimum of 15 Riders or more over one or two days
  • You need access to an arena and jumps. Lights are needed for a night demo
  • Alycia is taking bookings for 2016 & 2017 now

If you would like to Host a Clinic for your area email: