Extreme Cross Country with Alycia Burton

Free Riding at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. 3* & 4* Cross Country - Please COMMENT, LIKE & SHARE on facebook

Alycia Burton Free Riding Demo at Horse of The Year 2016

Check out some of Alycia Burton Friday Night Extravaganza at Horse Of The Year - Please COMMENT, LIKE & SHARE on facebook

Huge bare back Jumping - Free Riding - Alycia Burton - Go Pro 1080p

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Alycia gives confidence and understanding to both horse and rider using very easy to follow methods

Alycia Burton- Classic Goldrush

This DVD shows how Free Riding came about, has a whole lot of never before seen extreme jumping and a full instructional segment that teaches you how to Free Ride on your own horse! This is cheaper then the price of a lesson and has well over 1hour of footage and easy to follow tutorials.

Alycia Burton Free Riding - 7 Sharp Interview - October 1st 2013

Meet master free rider Alycia Burton she rides horses without a saddle, no bridle and nothing to hang onto, Alycia burton Interviewed by Jeanette Thomas on Good morning.

TV1 GOOD MORNING – Tuesday November 12th

Live interview on TV 1′s Breakfast show ‘Good Morning” We meet extraordinary ‘free-rider’ Alycia Burton whose incredible equestrian feats have earned her an international following”

Alycia Burton- Who is she?

Here is a short video introducing Alycia and explain a little bit about who she is

Free Riding Classic Goldrush at home- Jumping BIG

Extreme Jumping

Amazing day Free Riding at the beach with friends

Having an awesome time with great company. 3 horses are showen in this video, GoldRush - A 15.2hh 9 yr old pinto gelding, Crusader- A 16.1hh 7 yr old bright bay gelding (at the start of the video) (ex race horse), Tarn- A 16.3hh 5 yr old dark bay gelding (at the beach) (ex race horse) I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it....what a blast!

Crazy fun with Horses

Some of the silly footage that was taken with a few of the girls who were staying over between both of the 'Illuminate Your Life' camps that were run in April.... Some of the best bonding moments with horses (and friends!) are from clowning around

My Stallion trying Juice

I couldnt stop laughing for ages- My stallion would not leave my powerade bottle alone so I finally let him have some!

My Stallion Classic Goldcard rearing up and playing in the paddock

Classic Goldcard OL "Cash" my 5 yr old Warmblood X stallion playing games with me in the paddock. We do this all the time, he is the most playful horse I have ever had!

Horses Jumping up to 1.60

Classic Crusader- A TB off the track and Classic Goldrush

Free Riding Goldrush at the beginning