Well what a week!! We got the tail end of hurricane Michael when it was suppose …

I have finally been reunited with my 2 fur babies Goldrush & Jazz in Middleb…
October 8, 2018
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October 28, 2018
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Well what a week!! We got the tail end of hurricane Michael when it was suppose to go around us and also had tornado warnings BUT our first show in Virginia is done and dusted!!

We left Edward’s 3 days ago and got stuck on the way out on the soft ground … lucky they had a massive tractor and we…




  1. We have had some crazy weather lately, but it’s supposed to get better. Safe travels and I will see you at your show in NC the 29th and the 30th! Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences.

  2. So sorry about all of this crazy weather, but thank you for coming to Virginia. We can’t wait to see you and Goldrush in Lexington. Safe travels!

  3. Safe travels. Cant wait till you make it to idaho next year. Looking forward to your show

  4. We are feeling very sad about missing this event due to the weather. Glad all went well.

  5. Patti Lucas says:

    I saw you in Chatham. Is Goldrush feeling better? I wanted to ask you what you call Goldrush? Does he have a nickname or shorter version of his name?

  6. Val Walls says:

    Glad you got through ok and good luck on your travels Alicia

  7. Wish you could make it to the greater D.C. area!

  8. We enjoyed you in Chatham!We only made it the first night but the girls had a ball. Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  9. Oh no Alycia! Hoping you have better weather and attendance for your next event!

  10. Zuzia Baran says:

    Wow! Stay safe guys!
    We are thinking of you from back in Aus xx

  11. Glad you all are well
    Blessings & travel mercies
    God is good
    His word is true &
    He works in our lives! ❤️

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