Alycia Burton - World Famous Performer, Youth Mentor and Horse Trainer.


Alycia truly is a modern day Cinderella story. Having started from very humble beginnings growing up in a small rural town of New Zealand she started working with difficult ponies & breaking in at 11 years old which is also when her love of Free Riding began.

Alycia has started many young horses and has retrained many dangerous horses with severe behavioural issues. Working with hundreds of difficult & traumatised horses lead Alycia to discover her true passion in life which is Youth Mentoring.

Alycia has dedicated her life to mentoring Youth through her inspirational & motivational youth speaking & Youth Retreats which she runs throughout the year. Alycia’s mentoring resonates highly with teenagers who are suffering from anxiety, depression, bullying, lack of self worth, wanting to get into the equine industry and much more.

Having recently finished a two year tour throughout Australia Performing, teaching lessons & Youth Retreats she has now moved to the USA where she will be giving a Nation Wide Tour starting in 2018.

Alycia’s Nationwide Free Riding performances on Goldrush are intertwined with stories & lessons from her own journey. From the highs of feeling success to the lows of unexpected storms, school struggles, breaking free from financial hardship, sacrifices, the REAL cost of following your dreams and much more- Alycia shares all.

Having taught over 2500 riders and trained hundreds of horses herself she gives very easy to follow advise for a range of issues such as rushing, backing off, taking rails, loss off confidence for the horse & rider, anxiety, getting left behind, gaining a bond with your horse, bareback balance, Free Riding and much.