Alycia Burton💕Official account on Instagram: “Training Goldrush at home. We are getting ready for HOY2016! #freerider #classicgoldrush #AlyciaBurton #freeridingnz #HOY2016” - Free Riding NZ

Alycia Burton💕Official account on Instagram: “Training Goldrush at home. We are getting ready for HOY2016! #freerider #classicgoldrush #AlyciaBurton #freeridingnz #HOY2016”

I LOVE watching Goldrush hoon around- its one of his favorite things to do…. b…
September 25, 2017
Light Up Your Life with Alycia Burton. Adelaide
October 1, 2017

Throwback to training at home in New Zealand early 2016
#classicgoldrush #freeridingnz #alyciaburton #freerider

Throwback to Training Goldrush at home in New Zealand #freerider #classicgoldrush #AlyciaBurton #freeridingnz



  1. Kotryna Jurgulytė says:

    Valerija Trimailova

  2. Denise Caley says:

    Emma Louise Troy oh my good god!!!! Skills

  3. Nicky Lynch says:


  4. Jessica Haveman Jansen says:

    Talitha Kobus leuk voor jou en keeley💖

  5. Charlène Bussi says:

    Mathea Piazzoli Marie Santini notre but avec nos chevaux 😂 Célia Barbosa Melissa Camilli Marie Tramini au boulot !

  6. Gabrielle Garnet says:

    Miranda Iza this is what I was talking about. You tube her

  7. Maroushia Gradecki says:

    Cedric De Maertelaere ready with scenlito 😂?

  8. Brooke Bland says:

    Tabs Bland this will be me in a few years😉😉

  9. Morgane Varnier says:

    Léa Renaud on en parlait tout à l’heure

  10. Casey Watson says:

    When will u be back in New Zealand??

  11. Marie Torfs says:

    Laura geeeekkk beest 😻

  12. Laura Saunier says:

    Caroline Mideley

  13. Ruby Fuller-Sandys says:

    Ben Weir this will be you next!😍😍

  14. Manon Korsar says:

    Emilie Rousseaux on arrivera à ce stade avec nos juments 😂

  15. Liz Lane says:

    Love it Alycia Burton, is Goldrush a Warmblood? What is his breeding?

  16. Natalia Julia Sadowska says:

    Ania Latecka jaki piękny konik

  17. Melanie Plopiploik says:

    Manon Auduc

  18. Megan Connors says:

    Matt Backhouse

  19. Lauren Delany says:

    Ayla Mcgowan

  20. Judith Mein says:

    Jenifer Neumann Weh 😍

  21. Alana Scicluna says:

    Karin Klaus

  22. Fabienne Schillinger says:

    Sibylle Horsch die meinte ich

  23. Giulia Lemoni says:

    Lisa Senesi prossima volta cosí! 😎

  24. Sophie Moppett says:

    Nigel Moppett

  25. Justine Hall says:

    Bella Tagell

  26. Amy van Leeuwen says:

    Chantelle Davies can you do this? 😁

  27. Keiasha Mcghie says:

    When are you coming back to NZ?

  28. Kelly James says:

    Kristen Petty

  29. Océane Riffaud says:


  30. Aline Keutgen says:

    Emy quand tu penses que sur une croix a cru c’est limite si on tombe…😂😂

  31. Bo Anthonissen says:

    Ilaria Leone wtf kijk die oxer

  32. Sandra Spies says:

    Natascha Christen Spies Sylea Maira Spies Spies Jeruscha

  33. Brenda Bassman says:

    I’m so proud of you!

  34. Ju Ly says:

    Caroline Girard. C’est elle dont je t’avais parlé quand tu cherchais un prénom pour Gun 😉
    Regarde ce que passe son cheval c’est ouf 😅 !!!

  35. Beccii Braun says:

    Nadine Hartmann, schau des hab ich gemeint 😂 wer braucht schon Bügel und ne Trense 😂

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