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We finally made it into Adelaide yesterday afternoon whoo! What a big drive ove…
October 27, 2017
Tag a friend who says “I got this!”….. when they clearly don’t …
November 1, 2017


A series of photos by my friend and trainer Talia Allison from Dunedin New Zealand with her beautiful pony Puzzle.
This is GOLD!!

When u have one of those totally sleepy Sunday’s where u loaf on the couch all day with the tv, a good book, coffee and a sweet treat. Said no horse person ever



  1. Mylène Pozar says:

    Celestine on a retrouvé Bojack

  2. Jana Trajboldová says:

    Sarah 😂💜💜

  3. Danielle Elsdon-Williams says:

    Jillian Gordon

  4. Tamia Charles says:

    Joel Charles

  5. Natascha Zenner says:

    Jennifer Frank 😂

  6. Estelle Ellery says:

    Kimberley St Pierre, May Shannon

  7. Taylor Farrugia says:

    Jessica M Kelly

  8. Phil Baker says:

    Sabrina Lee Baker

  9. Hannah Pinyon says:

    Trish Horsman 😂😂

  10. Diana Janetzki says:

    Hannah Mathie

  11. Gillian Florisson says:

    “Hey human, I can’t reach the remote…”

  12. Christina Culmone says:

    Kenny Brown

  13. Edwina O'Brien says:

    Cat Cheney

  14. Duarn McGinnity says:

    Zara Bellotti! 😍😍😍😍

  15. Trudi Salmon says:

    Elizabeth Mayhew 😊

  16. Nardene Cunningham says:

    Jennifer Smith

  17. Mia Papakalodoukas says:

    John Papakalodoukas

  18. Eugene Cheong says:

    Veronique Williams

  19. Belinda Warman says:

    Michael Warman Kirsten Harder 😎

  20. Mia Douglas says:

    Genean Greg Hope

  21. Tracey Birch says:

    Don’t ask me to mooov over neigh-bour

  22. Rose Lilly says:

    Ella Wright Coline Maurenard

  23. Middleton Lauren says:

    Wayne Forrester

  24. Simon Long says:

    could be toffy Cerys Long

  25. Ermakova Alexandra says:

    Romane Delahaye

  26. Sophie Schorn says:

    Jenny Fassbender

  27. Lea Wingenbach says:

    Lena Magdalena Chantal

  28. Rachel Friesen says:

    When people tell you that you dont have any human characteristics lol 🙂

  29. Ronja Kagelmacher says:

    Tobias Baumann

  30. Emily Bekker says:

    Just binge watched Stranger Things seanon 2 for 9 hours straight😂

  31. Craig Walton says:

    Jodie Walton….my God I can see you doing this for Sam

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