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    • Just spent the last 2 nights at the light up your life nights at Echunga. What an inspirational lady with a gorgeous soul. I took my 12yr old daughter who loved it. Alycia is very down to earth and very relatable to a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Love the' Be the best you can be with what you have right now '.Highly recommend it!! So pleased i got to see Alycia and her gorgeous Goldrush. All the best for your ongoing journey xx

    • Such an inspiration and down to earth person who is bringing so much light and positivity into this world. I truly hope you achieve all your goals as I can think of no one else who deserves it more than you! Can't wait to see the amazing things you will achieve and know that there are many many people standing behind you and supporting all the work you do! You go girl
    • I was lucky enough to see one of Alycia's Presentations at Echunga and share that experience with my daughter. We both got so much from it. She is so inspirational. There is so much that she shared that I know will stay with me when facing the inevitable challenges that horse always give us. One of those things was keeping a sense of gratitude not expectation no matter what is going on. As Alycia say's "They owe us nothing" I love that. Look for the good in them and people and ourselves while we are at it. Choose a goal and decide on our attititude in every moment. Make our attitude a positive one and magic happens. Thank you Alicia for the work you do and the message you bring and for being so generous to bring it us. Thank you thank you thank you
    • Honestly it was such an amazing experience to have a lesson with Alycia burton she is though on you and tells you exactly what you are doing wrong and right honestly is the most informative lesson I have ever had can’t thank her enough for how much she thought me in such a short space of time. Deffinently worth the cost!
    • I Had an absolutely amazing night and enjoyed every minute of your show! Well worth the experience and Alycia has done an amazing job with her horse Goldrush and also did amazing at explaining the processes that she has gone through with her life and with her horse. Alycia is a very inspirational woman and has inspired me to do the things she did. Thank you so much, it was an awesome show!

    • We just spent two nights with Alycia and Goldrush in Werribee. It was an extremely worthwhile experience for myself and my tween age children and their cousin . We got some really solid horsemanship tips and listened to Alicia's wise words on self development. The biggest thing for me was hearing one of the girls say on the way home that listening to Alycia made her feel good about herself. If you only make an impact on one pre teenage girl in the crowd Alycia (and Im sure there is way more than one)you are doing something right!

    • Thank you Alycia, for two nights of inspiration, not only for the young ones that we brought along, but for us parents too. I got a firm reminder of what we're all really capable of. And my daughters clearly heard that being the best version of themselves is the best path to take if you want to live a happy, fulfilled life. Best wishes for you heading to the USA next year. You're a wonderful banana!

    • Wow, where to start?. You are a true inspiration to so many. I admit i had never really heard of you before attending your 2 day light up your life. You instantly pulled at my heart strings with what you had gone through and also what i had been going through, i have finally put myself first after being a mother and wife for 13 years and now its my turn to dream, becoming a myotherapist to help others with chronic migraine as i suffer also. So many things you talk about i wish i had of heard weeks ago before i decided to sell my girl so i could rebuild my confidence after a diagnosis of Ms and a fall. Your truly a wonderful person and i hope in the years to come my daughter can come visit with you and learn some of your wisdom. Walked away feeling proud to be who i am. Amazing....

    • Everything about Alycia from her teaching, training methods and the way she connects with youths in genuinely impressive. My step-daughter and I have been to both of her Boneo presentations, with my step-daughter attending the camp last year. She is an inspiration to young and old. Keep up the fantastic work.
    • Wow. Inspiration doesn't even begin to cover it. Hope beautiful GoldRush enjoys his rest. Thanks so much for an amazing experience.there needs to be a rating of like 150% i laughed i cried i was blown away. Your attitude. .. blessed to have met..I wanted to say so much more but i was all star struck & fan girling out you're living the dream.. i want to work with youth & horses... you're amazing.. i hope i get to meet you again one day
    • Alycia was an inspiration to me and had a wonderful positive influence on my daughter. She has been motivated to start a business making and selling bees wax food wraps so she can save the money to spend time with Alycia. Not bad for a grumpy 10 year old.
    • My stepdaughter, mother-in-law and I attended Alycia’s 2 part sessions in Tominbuk. I don’t know much about horses but I can see that Alycia is a very gifted horse trainer! But what inspired me most was her inner strength and that she just made sense! My stepdaughter thoroughly enjoyed and soaked in her words of wisdom as did I. Alycia, I wish all the best in America. I know you will touch the heart of millions as you did with us.
    • If you are ever lucky enough to hear Alycia speak you should grab the opportunity with both hands. It was inspiring for more than just the facets of horses and riding but also life in general. Parents and kids/teenagers would benefit from this positive discussion. Thank you Alycia Burton
    • Thankyou for your inspiration I really enjoyed both nights in Sydney Your a breath of fresh air And your shirts are beautifully made and feel amazing Great fit very flattering shirts Thankyou
    • I was pleasantly surprised with how authentic, generous, down to earth and bluntly honest Alycia was during her shows on the 14 & 15 Feb. She makes no apology for treating her horse with respect and is paving a far better way of horse trainership. She is generous with advice and sincerely wants to spread the message of TRUST and RESPECT being the foundational pillars of training a horse. I like Alycia's dry humour to illustrate how these foundations can be applied to human relationships, and how her camps for kids are designed on these essential principles. She offers far more than technical advice. she is driven by her values and these are evident in how she approaches her work and relationships. Thankyou Alycia for your insightful approach may it go viral and be the vaccine humanity needs for self indulgent and destructive treatments of others.
    • A friend and I attended the clinic at Caboolture - so fantastic. Apart from some amazing riding, a masterclass on bonding and training and some entertaining stories, what most impressed me most was Alycia's passion for teaching and inspiring young people. For any parents out there contemplating a camp or clinic for their child - do it! There are life lessons to be learnt here, not just lessons about riding. Good work Alycia, love it.
    • Hi Alycia. My partner and I attended both of your Sydney shows. Thank you for sharing what you do, ideas, goals and knowledge. Your love for horses and passion for youth and adults of all ages to pursue their passions and work towards success was inspiring. My main passion is dressage but horse riders of all backgrounds, people with any interest in animal training and even non riders can get something from Alycias shows. Thank You. Good luck in your American adventures - they are sure to be further successes.
    • My girls loved their lessons with Alicia, she was fair and respectful of every rider in every lesson. Her messages in her meet and greet are for everyone, not just riders. Can not recommend more highly any chance you get to spend time with her. Thank you so very much for coming to Tassie, so often we get left off national tours but we are so appreciative you made the effort. If you come back, we will be back!!
    • alycia is absolutely amazing and besides the awesome horsemanship and partnership she demonstrates, her philosophies are empowering, enlightening and inspirational! This is much more than just a horsemanship show and I would encourage anyone ( even if you aren't into horses to go check her out ) we were all very inspired upon leaving the last show! Thank you Alycia your openness and down to earth nature was impressive it was worth ten times what we paid
    • I was lucky enough to see Alicia and Goldrush in Newcastle last night and last month. I took my daughter along for what I thought would be a horse riding demonstration. But it was so much more I wish my whole family was there. What a fantastic talker you are. So many valuable life lessons and advice you have I loved it I wish I had a recording of you talking so that I could listen to it again and again. Wishing you every success in America and beyond we just love you xxxx.PS. My name is Sally. Lol
    • Thank you for your excellent lessons today. I signed up for the confidence group and it was exactly what I needed. I now feel back on track with a plan for the future! And my daughter learnt so much in her group too. You explain everything so well, and so simply, to benefit both horse and rider. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Tassie and spend quality time with us. I would recommend your presentation to all members of the family, not just riders, as it is as much about developing skills to make the most of life, as it is horse riding.
    • Alycia Burton's life story and her unconventional work with horses is inspiring stuff. Could anyone do more to prove that successful horsemanship can be achieved with no form of physical restraint? However, her inspirational message could resonate with many more young people by acknowledging all the desperately horse obsessed kids with no access to horses. They can still learn so much about themselves and how to live the bravest life possible. If these kids can be reached, then Alycia's success story of her own and that of her friend Classic Goldrush, will have the power to light up many, many more young lives. Anyone who can afford to sponsor a place for a young person to attend her intensive program should do so! Our early experiences with horses were very similar. With no money and a burning passion to be with them, from a young age I cleaned stables and worked for nothing at a riding school, later I got other girls' horses ready for gymkhana - whatever it took to be near these beautiful creatures. The only riding option was begged, borrowed and occasionally barely broken horses to work with - they make powerful teachers! In both our cases, this was only possible by being FORTUNATE enough to live where horses were nearby. I believe this is where Alycia's message could be more inclusive if this sheer good luck, was more clearly acknowledged. All the best Alycia and thank you for your generous spirit.
    • I had bought 2 tickets to Alycias show at Sutton Forest 5th Feb unfortunately my husband couldn't make it, I ummed and ahhed whether I should go and leave my baby for the few hours to see it. What a fantastic presentation! I am SO glad I went, and wished my husband could have come too! I immediately realised how fear was slowing me down in following an opportunity that has presented itself to me, thankyou Alycia for giving me the inspiration and courage to get going!!! I wish I had heard your story when I was young, congratulations on putting together an inspiring show, and all the best in connecting with the youth of today, god knows they need every ounce of positivity they can get. I saw a young girl break down in tears, standing in front of you, such a profound effect and connection you must have made with that young girl, brought tears to my eyes. And Gold Rush! just WOW!!!! So glad I went. Thankyou!
    • Thankyou for being such an amazing inspiration for not just your riding but for life its self, there is so many people in the world that have had everything handed to them that don't realize that the struggle is real, i grew up not having alot but had what i needed and im one of those mothers that have given my kids everything and they haven't worked for it, well my youngest works her butt off for her horses, gets up feeds, rugs and works her's and her brothers ponies but its. it she would know how to clean up for her self etc, but coming to your show an listening to your story has made me realize that im doing things wrong and its not my kids being lazy, disrespectful brats they just don't know any better and don't realize their being like that, its time for me to change to help them learn, so thank you and don't stop helping people, i know me and my kids learnt a lot from you x
    • A couple of friends and I attended the nights Alycia was at Orford Indoor Riding Arena in Victoria , Australia and it was nearly 40 degrees in that shed that first night. Like a true trooper, Alycia continued on to delight the expectant crowd taking care not to over work her horse in the trying conditions.I was instantly taking with this very natural, powerful young woman with so many messages taken from her comparatively short life. She not only impressed me with her beautifully balanced riding style and her obvious ability to train a horse to a very high level but she made me think about myself and that that day dreams could be realised no matter how small... She is someone who is so happy doing what she does well and she wants to share that with anyone who will listen. I believe she is a wonderful role model to young riders and girls going through issues they may find hard in their lives. It was great to see that she had learned to shoe horses and that Banjo truly loved her. The audience, both young and old were spellbound by her every word. What more can I say but personally, I will never forget Alycia...
    • Wow beautiful to see someone who treats their horse with the love and respect he deserves. You have such an amazing bond with Goldrush... thank you for sharing and inspiring me so much. Can't wait for this evening's show. And what a heart for children you have.... absolutely fantastic experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting out there with your beautiful horse and showing the world how it should be done. You are both an incredible team.
    • We brought a group to Alycia’s event at Sutton Farm in the Southern Highlands and we all agreed it was a wonderful experience, both for people new to horses and those who have worked with horses for many years. We left feeling inspired and ready to look at how we can improve the way we approach training.
    • I Saw Alycia tonight at the Gatton indoor arena. What an amazing young woman with so much wisdom. Came away feeling determined, strong and inspired. Even if your not a horse person you should totally check her out.
    • Well worth it, even if you are not into horses, my girls and myself had a great time, will go again if I ever get the chance!
    • Thank you so much for coming and sharing yourself and you insights! You truly are an incredible lady and all your dreams are going to come true, I have no doubt, for you my dear are making a difference in the lives of young people and horses. Wishing you all the very best always :)
    • Alycia's two night show was outstanding! Her outlook and passion for her work was refreshing and contagious. It was an absolute pleasure to see the bond between herself and 'Goldrush', and their story is truly inspirational. I would strongly recommend her performances to anyone and would encourage people to support the incredible work she is doing. Best of luck with your future work - I cannot wait to hear of your achievements!!