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September 11, 2018
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September 18, 2018


I am seeking accommodation for myself and two friends in my full living trailer as well as my two horses for two weeks starting Thursday 14th September.

Anywhere lower New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania or Virginia

Does anyone know anyone please?

It needs to be a safe place where I can ride and ideally do some jumping as well. No stables needed only paddocks please with shelter.

We are all super easy going.

Thanks alot in advance

Please email



  1. Jessica Strother says:

    Beth Davidson Carol Amato

  2. Anne Farr-Hodges says:

    Tara Trimble do you know anywhere?

  3. Jaimie Jusczyk says:

    Sarah Yawata

  4. Christen Beahm says:

    Melanie Ferrio-Wise Brendan Wise not sure where y’all are at moving wise but this could be a cool!

  5. Maggie Buchar says:

    I would avoid VA right now due to hurricane Florence

  6. Fran Rogers says:

    Dorinda Elliott??

  7. Elisa Nicolini says:

    I board at Canterbury Farms in Christiansburg, VA and you could probably ask them πŸ™‚

  8. Katelyn Rice says:

    Karla Frank
    Kara Drewry

  9. Kaitlyn Martin says:

    Jessica Viola she’s an amazing free rider

  10. Corrie Mannion says:

    Ashley Ford Gayhart!!

  11. Jaime Basnett says:

    I’d be happy to host if you were coming to Missouri!!

  12. Jenna Horne says:

    This is in Tennessee, so might be too far south, but is a very nice facility. Has an indoor as well.

  13. Erica Hardwig D'Amico says:

    Blaine Orris

  14. Leslie Gossett says:

    Susie Gossett… what size is Lisa’s facility?

  15. Tracy Cady says:

    Wish you were in need in Michigan, you’d be welcome here. I’m a huge fan. πŸ˜€ Good luck, dear!

  16. Mya Rothbury says:

    Cheri Hicks

  17. Brittany Carroll says:

    Isn’t Florence hurricane going towards Virginia? New York has really nice places upstate, that where I used to live. I can share you some of the places where I used to ride up there. Huge fields and indoor arena, some outside arena and I think they got cross country and dressage also.

  18. Sarah Kate says:

    Morgan Loudenslager?

  19. Jessica Wellman says:

    Christina Catizone Loratto do you think she could go to the farm. It would be an amazing opportunity for you, Melinda Rae, & Heather Meredith to get to meet her.

  20. Marisol Iannuzzi says:

    Morgan Tyler

  21. Morgan Tyler says:

    Southern ridge stables in Lexington, Va

  22. Denise Harden says:

    Kelsey Emerson Ashley Pate

  23. Peter Gardner says:

    Hi if you come to England we can put you up πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  24. Alyse Lo Bianco says:

    Did you find a place yet? We are in Montgomery County, MD and could accommodate you for 2 weeks.

  25. Lynn Moore says:

    We have our own farm if you need a place to stay in Middle/North Georgia 😊. We are planning on attending the Rabun show and attending a youth retreat 😊

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