Light Up Your Life with Alycia Burton. Caboolture QLD - Free Riding NZ

Light Up Your Life with Alycia Burton. Caboolture QLD

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December 23, 2017
Alycia Burton- Free Riding NZ updated their cover photo.
December 29, 2017

Performer, trainer and motivational speaker Alycia Burton is coming to Caboolture, Nambour && Gatton QLD with her famous horse Classic Goldrush.


Light Up Your Life- with Alycia Burton

This is a two part series run over two nights which involes Alycia demonstrating and explaining training methods, how to fix common problems, Free Riding, her life story, motivational content and life skills.
Stick around after the show to meet Alycia Burton and Goldrush


Saturday 24th February @ 7pm= PART 1
Sunday 25th February @ 7pm= PART 2


Wednesday 28th February @ 7pm= PART 1
Thursday 1st March @ 7pm= PART 2


Monday 5th March @ 7pm= PART 1
Tuesday 6th Marc @ 7pm= PART 2

$5 per night when you sign up online OR $35 at the gate

"ON TOUR STAY" AVAILABLE. Join the Free Riding Team for any length of time. Email for information

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""Wow! Would have too be the best $5 I’ve ever spent! What an inspirational person you are Alycia too all of us and especially my son with your words that really rang true too his experiences that haven’t always been the best! Thank you so much too you and your beautiful Goldrush, Boston and the crew! Highly recommended �""

I've seen Alycia two years in a row now and each time she is so incredibly talented and motivating. Not just with horses, but also in life in general. Her words and advice ring true on so many different levels. Thank you Alycia for giving me the kick in the bottom and inspiration I needed, and for taking the time to chat afterwards. Always love seeing you and Goldrush, and little Boston this time! Keep up the great work you do!

QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS venues for 2017-2018 && dates out soon!


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