16 reviews for Documentary (2013) on DVD

  1. admin

    This dvd is such an inspiration, i enjoyed watching it. thanks Alycia

  2. Jules USA

    Words cannot describe how much I envy you! I LOVED watching this

  3. Patricia USA

    I am completely mind blown. I couldn’t stop watching the whole time… and when it was finished I played it again!

  4. Jordan USA

    Bless you and your heart for horses and Jesus. I wish there were more trainers who took the time to understand these beautiful creatures

  5. Kary UK

    I have never been able to ride- but I share a love for horses. I just loved this DVD it was so majestic and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for letting me share part of your magical life.

  6. Dana Australia

    This is a beautiful relationship between horse and rider, not many achieve this level of trust. GREAT job

  7. Catherine USA

    Alycia- words cannot describe what you have lit up in me. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others. I have started dreaming again- I have hope in my life again that I can do something with myself.

  8. Amelia Australia

    You are amazing. I love how open you are with your faith its really inspiring along with your magnificent riding.

  9. Joyce USA

    Thankyou for sharing this video and your love and acknowledgement of God. May you continually be blessed as you help misunderstood horses.

  10. Molly NZ

    Amazing! I didn’t realize you had been through such a tough time! You are such an inspiration to me!

  11. Deborah NZ

    Alycia, Youre a CRAZY amazing rider! You inspire me so much with my own life to be the best that I can be…. Keep being awesome and make sure you have another DVD soon- Hannah Australia

    SO SO SO AMAZING- Love it!

  12. Johanna NZ

    Thank you Alycia- This actually made me cry tears of joy. Goodluck to you and Goldrush

  13. Ginny Germany

    I am truly inspired, this is AMAZING. I wish that one day I could meet Alycia and have a lesson from her

  14. Sarah Australia

    Beautiful horses… stunning scenery…. inspirational young lady. You are defiantly a horse whisperer with a gift to share! Thank you this was a real pleasure to watch

  15. James UK

    I gave in and brought this for my daughter because she wouldn’t stop pestering me….I am really glad I did! Alycia- all I can say is thank you. You truly are a role model for young girls. Thank you for the inspiration and morals you are giving to our next generation!

  16. Emily USA

    Defiantly the most inspirational DVD I have ever watched- the whole family sat down with me and loved it…… and they don’t even ride! I cant wait for the next one

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