5 reviews for Jumping Made Easy Part 1 (2015) DVD

  1. Sabata Rebekah

    Hi, just purchased your DVD Jumping made easy, bought it because you teach how to Free Ride and that is my goal as well as to jump. I’m 43 and just got into horses, owned my first horse 3 years ago and have been taking baby steps, but now I have her attention, she’s only 4 years old and only with 2 months training, she is a great horse for me and like wise her. Have been training my self to ride bareback and at the same time teaching her how to ride Free Ridding. She is that smart I just couldn’t put it off and teach me first, so we are both learning at the same time, thanks to your DVD. In just an hour she knows how to Free Ride. I like the video becuase it’s so simple and not a whole lot of other stuff like most people like to put it. I am trying my best and hardest to stay relaxed as you mentioned, she scared me a few times, but I was able to stay on, no problem. I will be getting your second CD as soon as her and I masters the Bareback/ Free Ridding techniques. In 1 month time, we will be trained 🙂 Thank you Alycia

  2. Tahliah (verified owner)

    Amazing DVD!!! Purchased this and it gave me so much tips my instructor did not teach me! My riding automatically became way better, and also gave me hope for my horses. And every single thing in this movie helped A LOT. It is definitely worth it!

  3. Sadie (verified owner)

    fantastic DVD, worth every penny. thank you so much Alycia!

  4. Sadie

    fantastic DVD, thank you Alycia!

  5. Tracey & Montanna

    My daughter and I saw you ride at Little River late last year and we both loved what you and Gold Rush do and how you explained everything in simple terms that made sense. You are a great role model to our young riders. I bought your SJ DVD and a free rein for my daughter who just turned 12 and was already riding and jumping bareback. Since Xmas when she got these as presents she has been training her pony and is now free riding and free jumping at home over and out over 60 cm on her 13.1 pony. We have booked a jumping lesson for Werribee and are very excited. Thank you for being such an inspiration. See you in a couple of weeks.

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