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Extreme Cross Country with Alycia Burton

Free Riding at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. 3* & 4* Cross Country - Please COMMENT, LIKE & SHARE on Facebook

Alycia Burton Free Riding Demo at Horse of The Year 2016

Check out some of Alycia Burton Friday Night Extravaganza at Horse Of The Year - Please COMMENT, LIKE & SHARE on Facebook

Free Riding - Good Morning Interview - Alycia Burton and Jeanette Thomas

Alycia burton Interviewed by Jeanette Thomas on Good morning


We are touring Australia with Goldrush! Lessons and performances are available. Take a look at our Facebook page for dates. Alycia Burton- Free Riding NZ

Alycia Burton- Free Rider 2015 DVD TRAILER

Join Alycia while she shares her proven methods on how to jump correctly from the start. This DVD is for both horse and rider from the ground up Suitable for ALL ages and abilities “Alycia gives confidence and understanding to both horse and rider using very easy to follow methods.”

Alycia Burton- WHO is she? extreme bareback jumper

Take a quick look into the life of Alycia Burton "People see me on Goldrush and think I have a 'Rich and Famous' lifestyle....What they don't realise is I am just a normal every day Country girl who grew up in the back blocks of New Zealand.... I'm here to show others that despite the odds- you don't need money to do well in the horse world and to look professional- you just need hard work and dedication. I take horses that no one else wants to ride- or with severe behaviour issues and train them. The results speak for themselves. To the 'few hundred odd' Thoroughbreds off the track and the countless other horses who had been mis understood in life that I was able to work with....

Jumping with no bridle

Jump schooling Goldrush at home with no bridle

Alycia Burton Free Riding - 7 Sharp Interview

7 Sharps Alison mau Interviews Alycia Burton

Stallion rearing up and playing in the paddock

Classic Goldcard OL "Cash" my 5 yr old Warmblood X stallion playing games with me in the paddock. We do this all the time, he is the most playful horse I have ever had! I love this boy :)

Massive jumping bareback- Promo clip from the Free Rider DVD

THE ALYCIA BURTON STORY This is the zero to hero story of a young woman with a dream to spend her life working with horses and has now become a YouTube sensation. It follows Alycia's story from a young girl discovering her love for riding, to a determined young woman forging a career in the revolutionary practice of Free Riding.

Extreme Free Rider Alycia Burton with Classic Goldrush

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