Alycia Burton Free Riding USA Nation Wide Tour - Free Riding NZ

Alycia Burton Free Riding USA Nation Wide Tour

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August 1, 2018
I have had so many positive emails && messages from people about this post from …
August 22, 2018

Alycia Burton Free Riding USA TOUR
Performance Shows featuring Goldrush & Youth Retreats Nation Wide

Free tickets are available for Pony Clubs, Non-Profit organisations, Youth Organisations, Disability & Mental Health Organisations & Veterans.

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  1. Anne Marie Wicke says:

    Unfortunately the NC show is in Yadkinville on a Monday and Tuesday ☹

  2. Isabelle Michelini says:

    Susan Fischer this is what I was talking about with Bengal

  3. Jamie Steverson Soodek says:

    Cheryl Lawson Steverson this would be cool to go have a girls weekend and watch but all the dates are during the school week and about 4 hrs away from us 😔

  4. Phil Weissburg says:

    I would like to attend a show when you come to Florida but your websites do not work and you click on them and nothing happens…how about posting the Florida event on Ocala Horse Lovers on facebook and hire a new Geek to do your websites.

  5. Kasey Jo says:

    Sadie Latimer? Oct/Nov….

  6. Susan Fischer says:

    This is great! I want to take our counselors.

  7. Macie Leath says:

    Palmetto Pony Club

  8. Dawn Schmitt says:

    When is she coming to Florida

  9. Carolyn Hill says:

    Mario Cintron Rory

  10. Alex Tyler says:

    Stacey Kapalka Kinard if this comes somewhere close to fl I’d like to possibly check it out

  11. Misty Ellen Hastings says:

    Tatjana Virginia Marie Woltjen

  12. Darcy Anderson says:

    Tori what ya think about going if we are free

  13. Kristie Cutrone says:

    Abigail Cutrone! We should go see her!!

  14. Sherry C King says:

    Tara Climaldi

  15. Kelly Ernst says:

    Annelisa McCavera, Kenadi Moody wanna go?!?!?!

  16. Lola Beard says:

    Brandy Ratliff i would l9ve to see this….

  17. Sonya Walls says:

    Pleasant Ridge Farm LLC free tickets to pony clubs!!!

  18. Brandy Nichols says:

    Lisa Leigh Jaggers I think she will be across the street….

  19. Brittani Lea Paige says:

    Tracey Rambo Harris Crista Stubbs

  20. Heather Sughrue Yates says:

    Any free tickets for girl scouts?

  21. Kimberly Bertram Fralix says:

    Sam Fralix

  22. Sarah Lenzini says:

    Stacey Chapman Norco April 28-29, have you seen Alicia Burton’s free riding?

  23. Amy Mikels says:

    Clyde RileyRiley would you want to go?

  24. Chandalyn Chrzanowski says:

    Shelby Renet Williams!!!!!!!!!

  25. Alycia Burton- Free Riding NZ says:

    SPONSORED SPACES- Join Alycia for 1 week in the USA

    An incredible sponsored opportunity has come up for those who are wanting to spend 1 week learning directly with Alycia Burton in the USA. Ages 14-30yrs old

    Each year over 100 individuals join Alycia & The Free Riding Team for a life changing week of Entertainment, Education & Inspiration

    10 FULLY sponsored spaces & 10 HALF sponsored spaces are available USA wide thanks to the generous blessing of an anonymous business who is determined to see lives changed.

    Youth Retreats (14-20yr olds)
    *Set dates & locations USA wide only

    On Tour Stays (17-30yr olds)
    *Join us on tour at any time that suits you

    These sponsored spaces are available for any girl or woman who would love to attend, but for ANY reason, are unable to afford the full price of the stay

    Fill in the form below ASAP as applications close fast

    (If you are applying for the On Tour Stay just put your area in the notes section)

  26. Alyse Kemp says:

    Mandy Anderson do you remember holding hands and jumping fences together? Georgia W. Britt it was always so much fun and a little frightening to let go like that BUT such an amazing lesson being taught. Riding horses and being a good riders has almost nothing to do with the tack you use ❤

  27. Tandy Cason says:

    Mickie Bradley maybe some tickets for team…

  28. Tandy Cason says:

    Robin Brown Payton

  29. Rhonda McCaul says:

    Do you have something for older riders?

  30. Natalie Peeters says:

    want to go see this

  31. Becca Deutsch says:

    Susan Prager Banner not your usual experience for your non-profit – but pretty cool!

  32. Lynn Terito says:

    Those ORGANIZATIONS look pretty cool.

  33. Lynn Terito says:

    I grew up riding. My mother was a trainer for the horse and the rider.

  34. Susan Wendt says:

    Melissa M Marsiglia this would be awesome for our student and amazing barn volunteers. Bryttany Pfohl

  35. Tandy Cason says:

    Kenny Cowan you should share this with the Shiloh team.

  36. Cami Lynn says:

    J Lynn Free

  37. Gisselle Lando says:

    Sonia Salas-Lando

  38. Cassee Christine says:

    Tina Schultz-Nalazek would you go with me?

  39. Erika Dennis Hedden says:

    Angie Kabala Hopkins

  40. Jillian Hall says:

    Do free tickets for youth organizations apply to every show?

  41. Kamber Lee says:

    Randall Wiseman Carty

  42. Jake Pyle says:

    Brittany Leisure

  43. Emily Stine says:

    My family and I ( I am active duty my husband is a veteran) plan to attend the Virginia show with our boys. I sent the Email for tickets like instructed I never heard back ?

  44. Penny Guptil says:

    Jessica Dzinbal

  45. Rebecca Crackel says:

    Corinne Cookie Knox. Get us some tickets

  46. Tia Raye says:

    Tanalynn Parry Kaylee Parry she’s coming to Idaho!!

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