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This was a fun break from travelling and performing!…
March 4, 2018
Yahoo its that time again!! …
March 29, 2018


We are at the New Lampton Wallsend Pony Club tomorrow at 4pm -530pm with our Part 2 Event that was postponed due to weather in Feb.

The gates open at 3pm, there will be hot food, Free Rider merchandise and a meet and greet afterwards



  1. Patita Va says:

    Hey Alycia, will you come to Argentina?

  2. Amy Bright says:

    What about tickets at gate? Also waiting on confirmation of my arm bands. Was told will post. That was 2 weeks ago. Was told to pick up at newcastle. Then when i did was told they were in post. Then was told can pick up on this new date or post. Had hoped to have them in time for the clinic

  3. Maggie White says:

    Bethany Massey

  4. Rachael Jessup says:

    Rhani Stralow-Arnott

  5. Carley Hako says:

    Amelia Prescott

  6. Tarni Letherbarrow says:

    Will you be riding tonight? Hope so!

  7. Racheal Finlayson says:

    What’s the address?

  8. Rebecca Roper says:

    I will need to swop my tickets for merchandise unfortunately will email just trying to find the email that you sent

  9. Rebecca Roper says:

    Amanda Kalldin

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