Uses for the free Rein

Beginner Riders
The Free Rein is an easy to use safety rope, which helps beginner riders to stay balanced on the horse… Think of it similar to training wheels on a bicycle!

The Free Rein is an excellent neck strap for people who are learning to ride bareback. Holding the Free Rein will help you stay with your horse and help prevent you sliding or bouncing off your horse.

Spooky Horses & Starting Under Saddle
The Free Rein is great for someone who has a spooky horse… weather you are schooling in the arena or our on a trail you can hold onto the Free Rein with one hand whilst still holding your normal reins. When your horse spooks it helps prevent their mouth from getting yanked and helps keep you on your horse.

Trail Riding
Perfect for those up & down hills and tricky situations when you could possibly end up pulling on your horse’s mouth for balance, simply hold the Free Rein for balance and let the horse do its job without interfering

Free Riding
The Free Rein is the ultimate tool for teaching your horse how to Free Ride for turning & stopping.

Lunging without reins- learning to keep hands still
Lunging a rider without the bridle reins is an excellent tool to help the rider develop quiet hands- they cannot pull on the horse’s mouth.
Having a Free Rein around the horses neck helps them stay balanced through their body while keep their hands in the correct place.

Learning the correct jump position can be hard for the rider and painful for the horse’s mouth- often leading to a loss of confidence in the team.
Weather you have an unpredictable jumping horse or you’re new to jumping. The Free Rein is the perfect tool to help prevent your horse’s mouth from getting yanked and the rider getting left behind.
Simply shorten the Free Rein and place it up the horse’s neck to hold on to over the jump.


Black with black trim, White with black trim, Blue with black trim


Pony, Hack

4 reviews for The Free Rein

  1. Tracey

    Can’t wait to use this on all my horses

  2. Libby Johnson

    I have had my Free Rein for many years, and I still would not be without it for all sorts of things we get up to 🙂 When in strange places or unfamiliar territory/inclemate weather suddenly upon us… it is always a little ‘vote of confidence’ in the back of your mind …. love it!

  3. Rachel

    No only is it great quality it has so many uses! I always jump with the Free Rein since it helps me reach to the right place. My horses love this then other neck straps. I would definitely use this in future shows! thank you Alyica for making this prouct for us <3

  4. Jenna

    Love that it’s adjustable as well as the perfect balance between being too thick and too thin. I always have a neck rope on my horses when they’re being ridden whether it’s in the arena or out trail riding.

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