What are you looking for today?? . It is VERY easy to judge others, to find th... - Free Riding NZ

What are you looking for today?? . It is VERY easy to judge others, to find th…

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October 11, 2019
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October 17, 2019

What are you looking for today??🌺🌿🌺🌿
It is VERY easy to judge others, to find things wrong or to point out imperfections with people….. It is especially easy when you yourself are not the one in the ring and when you do not know the whole story or the persons back ground.
Remember- You will ALWAYS find what you are looking for – weather good or bad.
This behavior is one of the leading causes of youth being miserable! Leaving them feeling like they are worthless, giving up, not wanting to start, being terrified of failure and obsessed with producing perfect results.
Often our negative comments on peoples posts or videos are wrapped up in "I'm just trying to help" or "cant you take constructive criticism?" or "I don't do that therefor if you do it your bad or wrong" …. but really when our heart is searched our motive is nothing short of mean and full of unrestrained ego.
Remember- people ARE NOT perfect and most of us are just doing our best and trying to be happy on the way.
I have had hundreds of youth live with me in my in house program over the past several years and without any hesitation I am telling you- your judgemental comments and words at shows, at home, at school, and online are destroying their future.
The next time you go to say something about someone ask yourself…
Am I looking for the negative?
Am I trying to make myself look more important or feel better by saying this?
Did they ask for my input?
Am I damaging this persons joy and sense of accomplishment??
There is a time and place for input – that's when its asked for constructively…. BY the person TO someone who knows what they are doing and can genuinely help.
Remember- it is not the strong who compare their own strengths to others weaknesses. It is the strong who look for the positive, find points to encourage and lift others up.
What are you looking for today as you scroll through your social media?


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