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September 18, 2018
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September 23, 2018


10 days ago Goldrush and Jazz left Caboolture Australia on a 14 hour drive to Sydney. They spent a few days in Sydney before being taken to the airport to begin their long journey to JFK in New York USA.

I had been stuck in New Zealand without a passport waiting on the US embassy and only just made it back in time to see them in Sydney before flying out … Super lucky!

The horses flight was delayed by a few hours which meant extra waiting for them at the airport, but they finally left around 10pm. They then stopped off in shanghai China, before going to Alaska! Theyve been to more places in the world then I have lol.

They had another delay in Alaska then finally were allowed to go on to New York. All up the flight was suppose to be 30 hours- but it ended up being a lot longer then that with the delays!! Lucky they have access to feed and water the whole time, but I still felt sick for them having to travel for so long unable to move.

Goldrush && Jazz had to stay in quarantine for 48 hours before being allowed to leave- they were checked every few hours to make sure they were not coming down with travel fever and that they were eating and drinking ok. I had a message from around 11pm saying that Goldrush was running a temperature which can be super dangerous after such a long flight so I stayed up and had regular updates until he was in the safe zone, but this did mean they had to stay an extra day to be safe.

They have both lost a lot of weight from the flight and also being held in stables (They dont do well in them having lived their whole life in large paddocks) but I am grateful they are in one piece and safe! I don't plan on leaving the USA any time soon so fingers crossed we never have to do that again!

Many thanks to IRT for keeping such great communication throughout their journey- I think I was more worried them my horses were! I had updates the entire way and was informed of everything small that was going on.

They now have a few weeks recovery to put weight back on and to de-stress before we start on the journey of a lifetime!

Below is a photo of how the horses are loaded in the plane, they are the second most frequent fliers around the world other then humans!



  1. Darcy Grosvenor says:

    The American youth are in for a treat. Lucky them.

  2. Cherie Atherton says:

    Omg how stressful, still.. go you, superstar kiwi
    Arohanui xo

  3. Rhonda Shannon says:

    Glad all is well now 😀

  4. Chris King says:

    wow awesome goodluck over there 🙂

  5. Victoria Smith says:

    Glad you’re all ok.

  6. Deanne Rose says:

    Katelyn Lotherington, so glad we got to meet Alycia and Goldrush when they were in Ballarat

  7. Daniele Summerfield says:

    Welcome to your new home! What an adventure. Cant wait to see you all in NC soon!

  8. Patrice Wasmuth says:

    Welcome to the US! Glad you all made it!

  9. Lindsey Nicole says:

    Rachel Louise

  10. Benny Coker says:

    I would feel ill Alycia whilst they are in flight. I think I would need a full bottle of valium 4hourly till they landed. Then a triple shot coffee once they landed

  11. Diane Peterson says:

    Glad you made it OK and everyone is on the ground…welcome to the USA! Have a great stay.

  12. Miranda McGrath says:

    Wishing you the best of luck! So glad you, Goldrush and Jazz made it there safe! Have fun! X

  13. Lindsay Skender says:

    Banjo and Jazz are amazing!!! So glad to hear they’re safe and sound. See you in south Florida in December 💕

  14. Michael Ganesh Tharmalingam says:

    Wish Goldrush n Jazz a speedy recovery.
    They had gone through transfer shock.A living creation go through this if been moved.
    Plants when moving from seedlings nursery to planting site its called transplantation shock.
    The seedlings must not be shaken hashly or the growth will be stunt.

  15. Claire Wiltse says:

    IRT did a great just b shipping my mare from the UK to the States. She had to do 21 days quarantine by herself and spent most of it comfort eating by the look of her!

  16. Jennifer Kirk says:

    So thankful that everyone is alright!! I can’t wait to see you in Aiken, SC!! For now, just relax, let you horses relax and enjoy some pampering! You deserve it after everything that you’re going through!!!

  17. Lynn Snyder Harrington says:

    I already have my tickets to see you in Norco CA 🙂

  18. Sara Westley says:

    Good news

  19. Angela Cooper Gonzalez says:

    So happy to hear all went well. Looking forward to seeing you in Utah, already bought my tickets. ❤🐎

  20. Cortney Woodall says:

    Terri Gammage Rachel Ditto

  21. Troy Vidgen says:


  22. Daena Rose says:

    Well done, keep well lovely horses

  23. Melissa Dalman says:

    Good luck in the US

  24. Chris Bennett says:

    My daughter is waiting for your PA date- glad it’s on your tour

  25. Tammy Schrock says:

    Praise the Lord! Can’t wait to see more pictures and stories about your journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Life can be challenging and tiring but it is all worth it knowing you are blessed and covered with His protection and love! ❤️❤️

  26. Danielle Toland says:

    Coming to Alaska anytime soon?

  27. Eva Nigg says:

    Wishing you and the beauties🐴🐴 safe travels 💓🙏

  28. Niccole Barton says:

    Wow!! Praying for you all!! Happy too hear you arrived safe and sound x hugs what an amazing adventure!!!!

  29. Allyssa Ellis says:

    Welcome to America Alycia, Goldrush and Jazz!

  30. Jacob Burton says:

    Go hard Alycia

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